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MEWO is your expert for deburring/deflashing and washing,cleaning and drying for

Machines for Cryogenic Deburring/Deflashing, Washing-,Cleaning and Drying from the Technological Leader MEWO

The MEWO, has been a manufacturer of cryogenic deburring/deflashing machines for the rubber, plastic and non-ferrous metal industry for over 70 years, worldweide! La MEWO e produttrice di macchine di sbavatura / sbavatura criogeniche per l´industria della gomma, della plastica e dei metalli non ferrosi da oltre 70 anni!

The process of cryogenic deburring/deflashing involves using a combination of liquid nitrogen and plastic granulate to remove burrs from moulded components. This gives the components the desired final installation quality. Cryogenic deburring/deflashing guarantees a precise, reproducible, even and clean finish at any time. It has no impact whatsoever on the colouring, shape, surface properties or material characteristics of the components treated.

Over the past years, MEWO systems have been successfully developed for use in the injection moulding and NF-metal industry as a solution for deburring technical functional components. These not only include components made of glass fibre reinforced plastics and carbon but also NF-metal components made of aluminium, zinc and magnesium.

MEWO supplies the following products worldwide:

  • Cryogenic deburring/deflashing systems
  • Media-blasting deburring systems
  • Drum deburring systems
  • Washing and drying systems
  • Custom-built solutions
  • Handling systems

Next fair participation

The DeburringEXPO is Europe's leading trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surfaces. The fair provides a unique overview of the current state of the art, developments and trends, processes and methods, quality assurance, and services.

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With numerous protection rights, MEWO is the technological leader when it comes to the cryogenic processing of technical and industrial components.


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